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Workers Compensation – COVID-19 Excluded Payroll


  Summary: California Insurance Commissioner has approved workers compensation insurance payroll exclusions for employees who are not working due to COVID-19 but are still being paid by their employer. In Force Period: March 19, 2020 to 30 days after the stay-at-home order is lifted Rules: Employer directed leave due to COVID-19: employer directs employee not

Updates from CA Insurance Commissioner


The circumstances concerning COVID-19 have shifted the way many of us conduct business. We ask that you please provide our team any updates in business operations, changes in estimated payrolls and changes in estimated gross sales. On April 13, 2020, Commissioner Lara and the Department of Insurance ordered insurance companies to return premiums to consumers

California Senate Bill No. 1159


  Summary: On September 17, 2020 California Governor Newson signed the SB-1159 into law allowing for COVID-19 related claims to be presumed compensable under a Workers’ Compensation policy unless proven otherwise. Employers will be required to report any known COVID-19 positive tests (whether or not work related) and any workplace closure ordered by public officials