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The most powerful wealth succession planning uses a combination of Life Insurance and Trusts.

  Suitable Life Insurance Suitable Trusts
1. Minimize Estate and Gift Taxes
2. Avoid Internal Family Wealth Disputes  
3. Protect Wealth from Divorce and Business Lawsuits  
4. Grow Wealth with each Successive Generation  

Wealth Succession Tools

Tony Yu has 17 professional licenses in Law, Accounting, Insurance, and Financial Planning, so DSG can effectively combine different trusts and life insurance plans to create powerful wealth succession designs.

Life Insurance Asset Protection Trust

Universal Life

Variable Universal Life

Index Universal Life

Whole Life

Private Placement Life

Term Life

Premium-Financed Life

Private Split Dollar Life

Offshore Life

CA Private Retirement Plan Trust

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Revocable Trust

Dynasty Trust

Charitable Trust

Qualified Personal Residence Trust

Grantor Retained Trust

Defective Grantor Trust

Spousal Lifetime Access Trust


Access to All Major Insurance Companies


Additional Insurance Companies Are Available